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  • To further knowledge and appreciation of the history and culture of Peru and the United States.
  • To encourage close, friendly relations between the citizens of these countries.
  • To encourage and promote trade and commercial relations between Peru and the United States.

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In the 1920s and 1930s a group of prominent U.S. and Andean businessmen met in New York City to create the first chambers of commerce for Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru. An organization named the Peruvian-American Association, Inc., was officially incorporated on January 9, 1939 as a domestic not for-profit corporation. Its purposes were to promote commercial relations, to further appreciation of the two national cultures, and to encourage friendship between citizens of the two countries.

Directors and Officers

Theodore Helms
Executive Manager – Investor Relations
Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.

Lisandro Miguens
Managing Director
J.P. Morgan, Chase

Maria Rosa Baquerizo
Executive President & CEO

Felipe Antonio Custer
Chairman & CEO
Corporación Custer

Walter Bayly
CEO, Banco de Credito del Peru

Cynthia Urda Kassis
Partner, Shearman & Sterling

Margarita Oliva
International Partner at Chadbourne & Parke LLP

Gergana H. Miteva
(General Counsel)
Intertrauma Medical Consulting, P.C.

Pablo Secada
Chief Economist, Instituto Peruano de Economía (IPE)

Marcela Carlin
Goya Foods Inc.

Linda A. Calvet
Executive Secretary

Luis Miguel Castilla
Honorary Director
Ambassador of Peru to the United States

The eighteen directors comprising the first board were led by

John L. Merrill
President, Central & South American Telegraph Company predecessor to the Atlantic Cable and Undersea Communications

Robert De F. Boomer
Authority on Latin America

Herman G. Brock
VP Guaranty Trust Company

Carlos Donayre
Ministro Consejero de la Embajada del Perú en EE.UU

Leslie E. Freeman.
Representative American Chamber of Commerce in Brazil

The other directors elected were

James S. Carson
V.President, American and Foreign Power Corporation.

Chester R. Dewey
President Grace National Bank

Philip Iglehart
V.President, Grace Line

Harold Kingsmill
President of the Cerro de Pasco Copper Corp.

John T. Kirby
V. President, WR Grace & Co.

Otto Kreuser
Chase National Bank

John D. MacGregor
President and general manager of Panagra in New York

William S. Morrison

Louis Naetzker
National City Bank of NY

Fitzhugh C. Pannill
Executive with Standard Oil Company of NJ

Edward S. Skillin

Henry R. Sutphen
Director of Wright Company (an aeronautics company formed by the Wright Brothers)

Joseph T. Wilson
Executive at IBM