In the 1920s and 1930s a group of prominent U.S. and Andean businessmen met in New York City to create the first chambers of commerce for Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela and Peru. An organization named the Peruvian-American Association, Inc., was officially incorporated on January 9, 1939 as a domestic not for-profit corporation. Its purposes were to promote commercial relations, to further appreciation of the two national cultures, and to encourage friendship between citizens of the two countries.


  • To further knowledge and appreciation of the history and culture of Peru and the United States.

  • To encourage close, friendly relations between the citizens of these countries.

  • To encourage and promote trade and commercial relations between Peru and the United States.




Maria Rosa Baquerizo
Executive President & CEO

Walter Bayly

CEO, Credicorp Ltd.

Cynthia Urda Kassis
Partner, Shearman & Sterling

Marcela Carlin

Goya Foods Inc.

Pablo Secada

CEO, Opportunity Investments

Linda A. Calvet
Executive Secretary

Lina M. Delgado

Deputy Director